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Injured in WV car crash? Call 304.216.6695 for a FREE consultation with a top-rated Morgantown car accident attorney. No fee until we win. Jeff Robinette is an award-winning car accident lawyer based in Morgantown with 25 years experience, serving those who have suffered collision injuries in all of West Virginia. Those who have experienced car injuries from a collision need car accident legal advice to maximize their claims. Talk to an experienced insurance disputes attorney at the Robinette Legal Group, PLLC today.

Who Can You Trust With Your WV Car Accident Injury Case?

Injuries from a West Virginia car accident can change your life forever. In order to obtain the compensation you need to pay for your medical bills, lost wages and other hardships resulting from collision injuries, it is crucial that you have an experienced car accident injury lawyer on your side. Though our office is based in Morgantown, we serve automobile injury clients in all of West Virginia.

What you don't know can hurt your automobile accident claim. Questions? We have answers.

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Afraid of wasting your time in an attorney's office?  Call our office first and answer 5 simple questions in 10 minutes or less to find out if we can help you with your car accident claim.

If your car accident case qualifies for a free strategy session, an experienced attorney will meet with you to figure out your best options for dealing with the insurance company in order to receive a fair settlement.

What Happens to Your Auto Accident Case in the First 30 Days:

When you sign on with the Robinette Legal Group PLLC, your case will not be lost in a stack of other cases. We want you to know that you are being taken care of.

Lightening Your Load and Taking the Burden off of You

Your attorney and our team members will take care of these aspects of your case so you can concentrate on healing from your injuries and taking care of your loved ones:

  • We will conduct a proper scene investigation without missing or destroying evidence
  • We will identify and locate all the fact witnesses with any knowledge of the cause of the collision and obtain their sworn statements and affidavits
  • We will identify and locate all parties responsible for your injuries
  • We will locate all the insurance coverage potentially covering your injuries and damages
  • We will litigate coverage disputes with the insurance companies
  • We will conduct legal research and write legal briefs
  • We will, if needed, prepare your case for a jury trial and represent you in all court proceedings for pre-trial issues

One of our team members will also be assigned to your case who will be in charge of tracking down your medical records and details you have regarding the accident, and will answer any questions you will likely have about the process going forward.

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At Robinette Legal Group, our practice is focused on West Virginia vehicle accident law. Since this is the primary focus of our practice (for many firms, it is not), we are able to apply our considerable experience, skill and resources to our clients' injuries from car accident cases — and help them win results.  Call today for car accident legal advice:  304-594-1800 or after hours, 304-216-6695.

What Our Clients are Saying:

Testimonial from Kevin, a recent car accident injuries client:  "I experienced a soft tissue injury in an auto accident. I needed three reconstructive surgeries because of my shoulder injury and I needed to be represented to be treated fairly by the insurer.

The Robinette Law Team protected me from the insurance company's low balling tendencies. They worked for nearly two years on my case and it was worth the patience. Jeffery Robinette and his associates kept me very well informed and walked me through every step of the process. It was a long journey that ended in victory.

Coming to Robinette Legal Group resulted in getting the highest settlement available, this was life changing. With Jeffery's reputation, the insurance company was very cooperative. I couldn't have imagined a better outcome and I will always look to Robinette Legal Group for all my legal needs, and I will recommend them to everyone who may need legal advice."


If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, Contact us today to speak with an experienced Morgantown car wreck injuries attorney.

Call today to set up a free consultation:  304.594.1800

Get The Facts:  Collision Care E-Book

Put Experience, Knowledge, and Success on Your Side

We are a team of former insurance defense lawyers who know their strategies and know how to prepare your case to win. We never forget that your case isn't just about money — it's about you and your family. That's what makes us different from many law firms that handle occasional car accident injury cases as part of their practice. At our firm, personal injury litigation is our practice.

The fact is the insurance company has a team of lawyers on call, ready to limit, delay or deny your compensation. Even if the other driver was uninsured and you pay special premiums for coverage, you will find that your own insurance company may treat you like a hostile claimant.

We have the skill and resources to level the playing field for our clients. We handle a wide range of car accident cases, including those involving:

Morgantown WV Car accident lawyer serving all of West Virginia, insurance claims, injury insurance claims disputesSerious car accident injury and wrongful death claims require knowledge of complex medical issues. Our attorneys have the professional resources, skill and experience to handle catastrophic car accident injury cases such as spinal cord injuries, brain and head injuries from concussions, shoulder pain and broken bones. We know how to find the evidence that proves negligence.

Contact our Morgantown Auto Accident Attorneys for a Free Initial Consultation

Contact us to learn how we can help you recover full and fair money damages for your auto wreck injuries and financial losses. From our offices in Morgantown, we represent clients in car accident and motor vehicle injury cases throughout West Virginia.

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