Morgantown Mediator

Are You Facing a Legal Dispute?

A legal dispute can be a time-consuming, costly obstacle. However, with skilled legal representation, it is possible to resolve legal disputes with speed and efficiency.

At Robinette Legal Group, we offer clients a wide range of dispute resolution options, including mediation services. We represent businesses and individuals throughout West Virginia. Whether your dispute is resolved in or out of court, we are prepared to help you achieve a favorable result.

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Monongalia County Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Whatever legal dispute you are facing, an experienced attorney will work with you personally to help you explore your legal options. We will give you realistic, straightforward counsel on strategies and likely outcomes. We will tailor a legal strategy that meets your unique goals. We are adept at achieving results through negotiation and settlement. If litigation becomes necessary, we are always prepared.

Mediation Services

Our attorneys are trained mediators. The mediation process allows disputing parties to consult with a neutral third-party mediator to achieve solutions. This process is typically quicker and much more cost-effective than traditional litigation. Our firm can serve as the third-party mediator as well as advocate for you in the mediation process.

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