A truly great lawyer but an even greater person

Posted by Jim, a Financial Losses client,

Being sued by three different banks and dropped after taking the case by another attorney I was in great need of an attorney that would pick up the pieces and aggressively represent me. Even though I lived 2500 miles away and never personally met Jeff, he took my case and provided me solid assurance he would do everything he could to get to a satisfactory outcome.

Just as important to me at the time, he provided me with personal support and empathy to my situation. His fees were more than fair and his responsiveness and thoroughness were excellent. After more than a year the outcome was more than satisfactory and he had provided me with solid advice and peace of mind. I have worked with many attorneys in the past and he along with only one other provided me with this type of excellent representation.

A Great Lawyer and an Even Better Friend

I experienced a soft tissue injury in an auto-accident. I needed three reconstructive surgeries because of my shoulder injury and I needed to be represented to be treated fairly by the insurer. The Robinette Law Team protected me from the insurance company's low balling tendencies.

They worked for nearly two years on my case and it was worth the patience. Jeffery Robinette and his associates kept me very well informed and walked me through every step of the process. It was a long journey that ended in victory. Coming to Robinette Legal Group resulted in getting the highest settlement available, this was life changing. With Jeffery's reputation the insurance company was very cooperative.

I couldn't have imagined a better outcome and I will always look to Robinette Legal Group for all my legal needs, and I will recommend them to everyone who may need legal advice.

Grieving Widow-Jeff a help in time of need. Posted by Betty, a Contracts client

After my husband passed, Jeff help me secure his pension, because we had no will. After a year of trying to secure the pension with the company that held the pension, I sought Jeff's help. Within three months, he secured the pension funds for me. He, also advised me on a plan to invest the funds to provide for me and my family. I truly appreciate all his advice and help. Thank you, Jeff. and all your staff.

From an Auto Injury Client :

Having never been in an auto accident before, let alone being hit by a drunk driver, I was unsure what to do when this all came about. Under direction from my friends and family I was told to call Jeff and see what he thought of my situation. He met with me right away and listened to my case and accepted it. I've never needed a lawyer for any reason before so I was a little nervous about it all but Jeff was very kind and explained everything I was unsure on. I was kept informed through everything without having to make a bunch of phone calls or endless emails. The end result was better than I could have imagined and Jeff made it completely painless for me.

From a Personal Injury Client:

Mr. Robinette started as just my lawyer but became a friend and confidant, helping my family and me get through the aftermath of a carbon monoxide incident in our home.

Jeff made sure from the very beginning that I always knew what was going on and what the next steps were. He was very diligent in his research and investigation, and because of this and being uncompromising as he worked with the opposing side we received a good settlement.

Jeff was also very helpful after the settlement. He gave great advice and helped us make wise decisions with what to do with the funds.

From a Construction Client:

As a small contractor much of my work was performed with a good faith belief in the integrity of the clients I worked for; unfortunately this proved to be foolish on my behalf and if that wasn't bad enough I believed that my insurance co. appointed lawyer had my interest at heart. When I met Jeff and he agreed to help me; he was honest about the severity of my situation and made no promises, but somehow with the conviction in his voice and shake of his hand I knew that no matter what the outcome Jeff would use all his knowledge to help me. And that I could not be manipulated by my client and the insurance company anymore. My case was resolved favorably and I consider Jeff a TRUE friend.

From a Car Accident Client:

Showed genuine concern for my well being. The case was not a slam dunk, but the end result was awesome.
Was kept informed without calling for an update, and when I did call all my questions were answered courteously and promptly.
If I should need an attorney again, I would call Jeff. His knowledge of the law, dedication and commitment to obtaining a favorable settlement on my behalf will allow me to live a more comfortable life. Although my injuries are permanent and my life has been changed, I believe that it has changed for the better, because of Jeff's help.

From a Personal Injury Client:

Attorney Robinette was very knowledgeable in his field of expertise. He represented himself in a professional manner, with honesty and dignity. I was always kept well informed and kept up to date on a regular basis. His staff was very courteous and knowledgable and very patient.

From a Wrongful Death Workplace Accident Client:

A few years ago my husband died, and it was a terrible time. I did not know where to go or who to turn to. I found myself at Jeff Robinette's door asking for his help. We had never met before, but he was so kind and helpful. He did an excellent job with my case. He worked so hard and kept me very informed of the progress. He started out as my lawyer, and now I count him as my friend.

From a Difficult and Challenging Construction Legal Matter:

We would highly recommend Jeffery L. Robinette. Jeff is considerate of all the aspects that come into a lawsuit. He is diligent and thorough. He is also compassionate and is wise. On this Christmas day, when we consider the provision God made for us, we remember the other provisions as well. One of those provisions was arranging for us to have Jeff Robinette as our lawyer, allowing for a positive outcome. We are truly grateful.

From a Car Accident Client:

The entire time Jeffery and I have been associated with this case, he has done nothing but make everything so much easier. All of his knowledge got me to where I am today, and I am very pleased with his law firm's work! I had to do absolutely nothing - just sit back and answer their phone calls and Jeffery and his team got exactly what I had wanted. I am very pleased with their work and I would recommend this law firm to anyone!

From a Lawsuit and Disputes Client:

This was our first experience involving a legal matter, We found Attorney Robinette very professional and we were very fortunate to have him to represent us. He was available and answered all our questions. Our case was resolved favorably.