Should I speak to an Insurance Adjuster?

There are two groups of insurance adjusters that have an interest in your claim – your own insurance company adjusters and the at-fault parties’ insurance adjuster. While insurance adjusters can sound friendly, understand that one of their primary motivations is to limit or even deny part or all of your claim. Many adjusters have decades of experience and have found ways to deny thousands of recoveries to injured victims just like you, so don’t be deceived that you can match wits with them and win them over. Their job security depends on limiting and denying your claim. By the time you have spoken with them and they have your recorded statement, the damage to your case may be irreversible.

You have an obligation to your own insurance company to report an accident and injury. However, it is not advisable to give a recorded statement to even your own insurance company adjuster until you have spoken with an attorney with experience handling insurance claims. Certainly, do not speak with the at-fault parties’ insurance adjuster until you have consulted a lawyer.