What is a wrongful death?

Whether any particular death is “wrongful” in the eyes of the law will primarily depend on the reason the death occurred. All “wrongful” deaths have this fact in common: they are all premature deaths. But, not all premature deaths are wrongful. Let me explain further. If a disease process such as cancer or a birth defect causes the premature death of an individual, and assuming all medical assistance was properly administered in a timely manner, then such individual’s premature death will not be considered a “wrongful” death in the eyes of the law. Similarly, if the natural aging process is the reason an individual’s health declines and they die, then their death is not considered premature or “wrongful” in the eyes of the law either. But if an individual is fatally injured at any stage of their life by the negligent acts of another person, that individual’s death is both premature and wrongful. So, the death of an individual is “wrongful” when their death was a result of the negligent conduct of another person or company.