Why has the insurance company discouraged me from hiring a lawyer for my wrongful death claim?

Those that are responsible for causing the death of your loved one are interested in the decisions you make -- as the personal representative of the estate -- especially whether you will retain legal counsel or "handle" your own wrongful death case. They actually prefer that you "handle" the wrongful death case yourself because they know you won't do all the things that a skilled trial lawyer will do to prepare the case. You see, while you are trying to figure out what the next step is, their own defense lawyers are getting to the evidence to manipulate the facts of the case to their favor. Whoever gets to the evidence first has a head start on the case.

Your legal case is a competition, a legal debate. Each party marshals evidence and legal theories to convince the court their position is correct. If you are the only person on your legal team, how will you compete against the legal team of the other side? You will have to face off, alone, against the insurance company, its seasoned defense lawyers, their expert witnesses, and unlimited financial resources.