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Attorney Jeff Robinette Has Provided Exceptional Service as a West Virginia Legal Malpractice Lawyer. Mr. Robinette has successfully prosecuted WV attorney malpractice cases and he has also defended attorneys accused of malpractice.

Do You Have Options — When Your Previous Lawyer Dropped the Ball?

Attorneys, paralegals and other legal professionals have a duty to act with integrity and care when handling matters for clients. If your lawyer mishandled your case through negligence or inaction, or engages in deliberate misconduct, you do not have to sit by passively, suffering the losses in silence.  Jeff Robinette is an award-winning National Board Certified Trial Attorney representing clients for legal malpractice claims.

Attorney Malpractice Claims in West Virginia

Contact the Legal Malpractice Attorneys at Robinette Legal Group to find out where you stand. From our office in Morgantown, we represent individuals and business interests throughout West Virginia who have suffered financial damages resulting from legal malpractice and negligence.

What is Attorney Malpractice in WV?

Professional malpractice involves the breach of a standard of care required by the profession. For attorneys, this may mean a failure to represent you properly — missing a court deadline, for example, or failing to conduct proper discovery to prepare your case effectively. Sometimes this is due to inadvertence or lack of skill; it may also be a result of substance abuse by the attorney. Either way, it's not an excuse for attorney malpractice. We are here to seek redress for you.

The ten most common Legal Malpractice Errors According to the American Bar Association are:

  • Failure to Know and Apply Law
  • Planning Error, Making Substantive Mistakes
  • Inadequate Discovery and Investigation
  • Failure to File Documents within Deadlines
  • Not Appearing in Court When Required
  • Collecting Fees Up Front and Not Performing Work
  • Procrastination
  • Failure to Obtain Client Consent
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Fraud
  • Misusing Client Funds
  • Breach of Duty or Confidentiality

Morgantown WV Professional Negligence Attorney

Legal Malpractice Attorney in West VirginiaProving a case against an attorney or law firm can be difficult. But our law firm has the knowledge and resources to fully investigate the relevant issues and prepare clear evidence to support your claim for compensation. In many cases, we represent clients on a contingency basis. You will pay attorneys' fees only as a percentage of the amount of money we reclaim in damages.

We do not take attorney legal malpractice cases lightly. We know these cases are serious. They can be challenging, and our firm is one of only a few in the state that handles lawyer malpractice claims. We are committed to holding fellow attorneys accountable when their negligence or wrongful action harms clients.

Professional Attorney Malpractice Client Review:

Attorney Jeff Robinette Has Provided Exceptional Service in Legal Malpractice Cases

Mr. Robinette has successfully prosecuted malpractice cases against attorneys and he has also defended attorneys accused of malpractice.

Legal Negligence Is Costly

Whether your case involved medical malpractice, a personal injury claim, or breach of contract, serious mistakes can unnecessarily cost you a lot of money, energy, and time.

Any act of negligence can harm or wreck your case. For example, you will lose your right to gain compensation if a statute of limitations is missed. Failure to appear in court or respond to motions can result in the dismissal of your case. Misuse of your funds or failure to perform work as promised can result in true and immediate financial loss.

The case within a case requirement in the litigation context

One of the most challenging aspects of legal malpractice actions is proving that the lawyer's conduct caused the client's financial injury such as in a case we recently resolved wherein a medical malpractice claim spiraled into a legal malpractice action. Before our firm became involved in the legal malpractice claim, a dear woman who had suffered and almost died from medical malpractice would have received no compensation for her injuries.

West Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct/Breech of Conduct

The first rule of the WV Rules of Professional Conduct states:  A lawyer shall provide competent representation to a client. Competent representation requires the legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness and preparation reasonably necessary for the representation.

West Virginia Supreme Court Opinion Regarding Legal Malpractice

In 1994, the West Virginia Supreme Court's Justice Workman presented this Court's opinion regarding a legal malpractice claim in which an attorney was allegedly negligent, "Where the act complained of in a legal malpractice action is a breach of specific terms of the contract without reference to the legal duties imposed by law on the attorney/client relationship, the action is contractual in nature. Where the essential claim of the action is a breach of duty imposed by law on the attorney/client relationship and not of the contract itself, the action lies in tort."

Attorney Jeff Robinette, WV Professional Negligence Claims

    Legal Malpractice Attorney in West Virginia WVJeff Robinette is a Nationally Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney, a distinction achieved by only 3% of attorneys nationwide. Possessing the NBLSC certificate means that the attorney has been held to a higher standard of professional and personal conduct.

    Certificate holders undergo a thorough screening of their credentials, including: documentation of their experience, judicial and peer references, an exam, and they must report all disciplinary matters brought before any official body, whether public or private, for scrutiny by the NBLSC Standards Committee.

    NBLSC lawyers maintain active trial practices and are required to submit a disclosure of misconduct annually and, at the end of each five-year term, prove once again they meet the standards for recertification.

    Have you suffered a financial loss because your attorney failed to represent your legal rights, such as by negligently causing the dismissal of your case?

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