West Virginia Fatigued Driver Accident Attorneys

West Virginia Fatigued Driver Accident Attorneys

When Tired Truck Drivers Cause Serious Injuries

Driver fatigue is a dangerous condition on highways throughout West Virginia. Federal laws regulate how many miles a truck driver can travel per day, per week and on consecutive days. All too often, however, truck drivers push these limits to increase profits or because they are pressured by their employers. In either case, the lives of innocent motorists, passengers and pedestrians are put at risk.

At Robinette Legal Group, we have extensive experience handling truck accident injury lawsuits for clients throughout West Virginia. Truck accident cases are complex legal matters and should be handled by attorneys who are focused on personal injury law. Our firm is primarily focused on personal injury law and prepared to handle the most complex cases involving serious injuries and wrongful death.

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Morgantown Truck Crash Lawyer

Tired drivers are far more likely to cause accidents than those who are well rested and driving in compliance with federal trucking guidelines. When drivers nod off, they may swerve into oncoming traffic causing head-on collisions. They may approach an intersection without braking, leading to a rear end collision.

Tired drivers may also enter a dangerous state known as “highway hypnosis” in which dozens of miles may pass that they do not even remember. Whether a driver falls asleep at the wheel or is inattentive due to lack of sleep, the resulting accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.

In investigating truck accident cases, we pursue facts that point to truck driver fatigue or other types of negligence. We examine driver logs, hotel receipts, GPS devices and other sources of evidence that paint a picture of the circumstances leading to the accident. This thorough approach gives us the best possible chance of obtaining favorable results for injured people and their families.

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